WELCOME TO Jai Tiger Resort


Personally designed by best naturalist of country,

The exclusive tents are a reflection of India's philosophy and rural landscape. The seamless style is cleverly combined to maximize on space and showcase real natural feelings of living in forest itself. Simplistic though spacious, the tents have been made amongst thick foliage. All tents are in regional design and relate to and incorporate some of the traditional living methods and available resources. The clever lightning enhances undulating contours in the night, discrete doors and windows adds to its character and natural furniture are bespoke finishes of standard to give residential product of unparalleled quality.

Bathrooms and outdoor area feature highly practical and stylish materials, and not a single detail is left to chance with each element playing a precise role in order to create overall harmony. The beauty of the forest is best enjoyed from the extended verandah sit-outs called as 'Baithak', the decks attached with each tent overlooking the seamless forests. The high quality furnishings in the deluxe tents provide the option to enjoy a true outdoor jungle experience, with sleeping in the open, under the rooftops as well as bringing innumerable individual elements to create a moment worth remembering for a long time.