WELCOME TO Jai Tiger Resort


Jai Tiger Resort is about not only Tiger and about Wildlife Safaris, there is much more that you can experience in the environment. The friendly and warm staff at the resort will be more than happy to enrich your experience. The following activities will make your stay at Jai Tiger Resorts an experience to remember.

Village Walk

Ask our staff or Naturalist to take you to a village walk where you would be able to see how the majority of India lives, their shy smile , their livestock their vegetable garden and their courtyard opening up to clear sky. The cleanliness of our villages will surprise you.


Local Market:

On Mondays, visit the local market with our staff and find the villagers trading in things of their daily necessities. The simplicity of their wares and the purity of their vegetables will touch your heart.



Ask the staff to give you our easy to handle bicycles and hit the dirt track to nearby areas. We guarantee that the fresh air in your lungs will reinvigorate you.



Bar-be-que: Imagine a deep forest with a wide sand bed next to slowly streaming water. Imagine floating candles in the pitch dark of the night. Our staff, on request, would arrange a " never to forget" experience of a bonfire in the middle of the forest, with snacks and potions of your choice. This experience will be etched in your heart for a long time to come.


Putting Greens

Golf beginners, will be surprised to find a putting option, just next to the restaurant. Flying birds and pet pigeons around will be a welcome distraction, if tired you can just slump into a hammock nearby, or sip refreshing drinks on top of a machaan.


Bullock cart ride :

Did you ever think you would be able to do this? Yes of course, just ask the naturalist to take you for a ride of our life on the slow pace of a bullock cart. You will never say, we took you for a ride.



Don't be just tourist , don't be in a hurry, sit down and relax. Gaze into the silence, into the depth, and allow that depth to enter into your eyes, so that it can reach your very being. A moment comes when the observer and the observed become one , that is the moment of meditation at Jai Tiger Resorts, find those very moments to enrich your life.


Night Camping

For enthusiasts, camping in the night is an opportunity to indulge in watching nocturnal animals from our 30 feet high machaan or gets your hands on night / sky photography. All you need to do is rent our camping tents and you can spent your adventurous night on machaan.